Thursday, July 16, 2009

To start things off

Hello Everyone!

Well I thought I would start with a little introduction about myself so you will get an understanding of the type of person I am. My name is Natalie Richardson and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Learning Management Early Childhood at the Noosa Campus. I am completing this blog for my assignment in FAHE11001 and have never used a blog before so this is my first ever blog :)

I have worked in the childcare industry for 4 years and have completed my Diploma of children's services. Once I completed my Diploma I decided I wanted to become a teacher and work with school aged children with all different learning needs.

As I am only 20 years old you may think that I know everything about computers and have grown up with technology. Well the truth is I struggle as much as my mother and need to read the instructions before I start clicking away. I grew up playing outside with my sister and had no major technological influence. But today children are growing up with so many different types of technology but I will talk about that in a later blog.

I have an older sister Nicole who is getting married in November to her high school sweetheart of 7 years. This is an event I am looking forward to most of all she is my only sibling. I have a boyfriend called Jake and have been with him for almost 4 years now and the time has gone so quickly. I have a very supportive family and do not push me towards anything I don't want to do.

Well I hope you now know a little bit about me and I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you!

- Natalie Richardson


  1. Hi Natalie,

    It is funny how most people assume that those around your age are technology savvy. I am nearly twice your age, and was not introduced to technology throughout my childhood at all (limited as it was then) and i too spent my time outdoors playing with family. As much as this is an essential part of life today it would be nice to see the youth spend more time outside and enjoying their freedom.

    Look forward to chatting again soon,

  2. Hi Natalie,

    A great start to your blog! I am sure you'll get the gist of it in no time. It is pretty much just putting your thoughts into words, like an online journal.
    As we were talking about earlier on skype, I'm sure you'll find many tools to talk about in your blogs in your coming tutorials and I look forward to discussing them and how ICTs could be used in a classroom situation with you!


  3. Good on you Natalie, you've done a top job so far. I too grew up outside playing and camping and I still like to do that so spending this much time on the computer is killing me!!!!!!!!!! I have done some exploring in cyberspace over the weekend and I'll fill you in on my findings on my next blog.
    Good luck,

  4. Hi Natalie, what a great blog. You've given me ideas on how to start my blog just by introducing yourself! I'm looking forward to reading about your discoveries through this course and hopefully we both become tech savvy in no time.

  5. Thank you to everyone for your feedback. It is great to see how everyone is similar to how I am feeling at the moment. But we will all change our Attitudes and Perceptions during the course and be technology savvy by the end.

    I am looking forward to reading all of your blogs.