Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Useful Websites


There are a lot of websites which can be used by teachers with their students in the classroom. The tutorial last week was great as there were VERY useful websites which were shared. I have been exploring Wordle and think children would also have a great time on this page as it will show children what words they use the most in their writing.

I was also reading Kerri's Blog and found a fantastic website which can be used by all ages
http://www.bighugelabs.com/. This website can be used for projects or their homework as there are a variety of activities they can choose from.

- Natalie


  1. Hi Natalie,

    It is a great site isn't it. There are some fantastic activities, i especially love the jigsaw one. Not particularly education focused however i know my own children have had a ball with it.

    I am looking forward to discovering some more new and exciting websites to add to the collection.

    Chat soon,

  2. Hello Kerri,
    Well I think it is fare to say that our resources collection has certainly gotten bigger as we get further in this course. I enjoy exploring each tool which is discusses and am finding many ways to incorporate them into the classroom.