Monday, August 10, 2009

ClassMaker online Quizzes

I have been exploring ClassMaker which is an online quiz service. I think it is a useful resource as a different quiz can be created for each different area covered in the classroom. It will save time for the Learning Manager as the quizzes or tests will not need to be printed out, they are automatically marked and results tallied and recorded (ClassMaker, 2009). With the beauty of technology and ClassMaker this is already done for you and the teacher can see directly which students have had trouble with what question and the topic areas. ClassMaker will give the students opportunities to practice doing quizzes to improve their skills and make the students understand how quizzes work and their purpose.

As I am currently in a year 2 class, I like how the questions can include images to help students out who learn visually. This would be great for students as they can see the questions in a different light and can help to clarify the question. John Dewey’s theory of children “learning through doing” supports the use of these quizzes, as students will be using their knowledge learnt in a different context and can lead to open ended activities used in the classroom.

As this is my first time using ClassMaker online quiz I have decided to use a pre existing maths quiz which is currently used as a hard copy test. I have only chosen a few questions to include, altered the questions and turned the quiz into multiple choice questions. This Quiz I created is for year 2 students for their mid semester reports. It will be completed at the end of semester 1 and will reflect their knowledge of information learnt during the term. This quiz will also have another hands on section which can not be completed online. When using this test in my class, some of the student’s will need extra assistance, as they have trouble reading the questions and answers. So these students would not get an advantage over other students, the teacher will observe the student completing the test and read out the questions to all students. Please have a look and even try it out
to see if you are smarter than a 2nd grader!
Username: unistudents16
Password: Noosahub
Follow the links to complete the test

For my next quiz I have decided to create a quiz to check students learning during their current unit of work Material world.


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