Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Using blogs in the classroom

This is a great reflective tool which the students can take part in. I would love to design a unit of work and get the students to post reflective comments about the activities they have completed. However currently in my class there is not enough time to add this into the current unit of work, as any free time is taken by rehearsing for showcase performances.

The next unit the students will be learning about would fit in perfectly with blogging. The unit starts at the beginning of term 4 when I am completing my 2 week block. This will give enough time for blogging to be taught to the students and how to write a reflective post. This blog involves the students writing about their experiences with each activity, positive and negative comments and if they struggled with any areas.

An example activity designed from the unit of work involves students’ blogging about what they found when exploring their home environment. They are to create a table and categorise the objects into; plastic, wood, glass, metal, cloth and paper. Students will then write why they think that object is made out of that material.

Blogs not only have to be used for units of work. A blog can be incorporated into the LMS (if one is used by the class) to inform students of their homework, any extra tasks and recap of what has been taught during the day.

- Natalie

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