Sunday, August 16, 2009

SlideShare with Audio File

As you can see from the previous blog, the PowerPoint presentation was not very engaging for the students .This was because I removed the caption on each slide to accompany the photo. I have now turned the caption into an audio file and the full presentation can be seen below.

When adding the narration audio file to my presentation it was a difficult process to follow and understand. Although as the hours passed and learning from my mistakes made I finally added the MP3 file to my presentation. I think this is one of the more difficult technologies to understand, as many files have to be transferred over to be added to the SlideShare presentation.

This can be used in the classroom for students who are doing presentations. If students are scared to talk in front of their peers, they can start off by putting their voice on the presentation. This can be done until the student has the self confidence to do so. I believe students should not be forced to do things they don’t want to do. This can have an impact upon their attitudes and perceptions (Marzano & Pickering, 1997) towards the topic and in future situations.

Here is the finished product! Please post any comments with feedback about what you think about my SlideShare presentation

Thank you

- Natalie

Reference List

Marzano, R., & Pickering, D., Arredondo, D., Blackburn, G., Brandt, R., Moffett, C., et al. (1997). Dimensions of Learning Teacher’s Manual. Colorado, USA: Hawker Brownlow Education.

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