Monday, August 3, 2009


Setting up my E. Portfolio using Mahara was easier then I thought it would be. As our e.Portfolio are for our 2nd Task this gives me the opportunity to fiddle around with the site and see how everything works. I have learnt how to edit my profile and look at other students profiles, although have not yet uploaded any documents or put my resume on my profile.

I am a little confused at the moment. Does anyone know who can access our Mahara account? Because I don’t want to upload my resume with all my personal details and information onto it if everyone on the Mahara website can access it. I am also concerned, as after the tutorial last week with Jacqui and Linda , they informed us that we should not be putting personal information or certain photos on websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Is Mahara a safe website to use or can the Government access this site also?

It is a great idea to save certain files to your Portfolio just in case your computer crashes and these can be set to private so only you have access to them. Also with the Mahara blogs, these can also be private until you wish to post them and make them public (Mahara, 2006). These blogs could be used in the classroom as diaries for the students to use for certain tasks or each student can set up a blog with a different website and integrate the blogs into Mahara through RSS (Mahara, 2006). Mahara can be a tool used for communication between schools or teachers in the school to share resources.


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