Saturday, August 15, 2009

File Storage using MediaFire

Last week I completed recommended updates on my laptop. The updates were completed and my computer turned off. But then when I turned my computer back on a few hours later it said the updates failed and my laptop could not start up correctly. By this stage I was getting very worried as I had not backed up my files to a storage tool like Google Documents, Mahara or MediaFire. When my laptop was getting fixed they said they couldn’t fix it but could retrieve my documents and they saved them to a mobile external disk. This has taught me a valuable lesson to BACK UP YOUR FILES!

I have now created my free account using MediaFire and found it very easy to understand and set up. It is a great tool for keeping your files safe in the same place. This includes your files and photos being in the same file storage account.

This is a document I uploaded to share publicly. It is a template I modified to use when observing my mentor teacher in a lesson. I have been using it throughout the term and find it easy to follow and understand.

I’m sure many of us have had similar circumstances happen where we have come close to losing all our hard work by a simple mistake or technical error. This technology can be used in these circumstances to:
- Share resources with colleagues, students and the school community
- Extra back up for all documents
- Complete work from a different computer
- Keeps files safe and secure
- Sharing files amongst peers for group work
- Organises files into sub folders for images and documents
(MediaFire, 2009)

- Natalie

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  1. Thank you for sharing a wonderful observation template. I have not yet discovered the joys of MediaFire, and I look forward to sharing my Observation Template when I do.

  2. Hello Jane,
    Thank you for that comment. I find it easier to observe my mentor teacher when I know exactly what I am looking for! I am looking forward to reading your Blog.