Saturday, August 15, 2009


SlideShare is a free program which allows you to upload slideshow presentations (PowerPoint) for users to view publicly. When you create your free account you can see the presentations SlideShare users have uploaded (SlideShare, 2009).

I have uploaded a PowerPoint I used in the classroom last term. It was created with the help from the students to recap the activity and show photos of their water walk. We took photos during the water walk of where we located water in the school. To support learning, the students then got the opportunity to type a sentence to go along with the picture (can be seen in next blog). If students were not sure about what to type I applied Blooms Taxonomy (1999) of higher order thinking and asked the students questions. This made them aware of what they could write and supported them with the process.

This is what we created

In my next blog I am going to attempt to add an audio file to the PowerPoint of the students’ comments about each photo.

- Natalie

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  1. Hi Natalie,
    Audio does make a difference to a presentation. The use of video media would also improve presentations. I just haven’t mastered that skill yet.

  2. Hello Jim,
    Yes, like I said in my blog this is the most difficult technology I have explored so far. It is very time consuming although the finished product is a great resource to use.