Monday, August 17, 2009

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

During my studies at CQU we have been using Blackboard, which is a traditional Learning Management System (LMS). It has been my first experience using a LMS and I have not had anything to compare it to. That is until now. This term we have been using Moodle instead of Blackboard. In my experience I find that Moodle is a more interactive LMS where tools can be added to engage the learners and assist them through the learning journey. Moodle also has the same content as Blackboard which includes; online tests, discussion boards, announcements, resources, readings and assignment help.

LMS are being used in schools and are called virtual classrooms. A great resource where a LMS can be set up for your class is through the Learning Place website
. LMS’s are private and can only be assessed by people who have the password and used name.

LMS can support learning as student can access their virtual classroom at home and post a question using the discussion board. Their peers or teacher can then respond to the question and give a response quicker than waiting the following day to ask it at school.

- Natalie

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