Sunday, August 16, 2009

Music on the web

Just recently I learnt that music had to be purchased to be used in schools due to the copyright laws. But then it made me realise that at schools instead of using existing plays and music the students and teachers are writing their own to use in performances.

Incompetech is a great music tool which has Royalty Free Music which can be used to download. Downloading is against all copyright laws, although when using Incompetech you will be covered by the Creative Commons Agreement. The Creative Commons Agreement allows music downloaded from Incompetech to be used by everyone (Incompetech, 2009).

Incompetech offers a variety of different styles of music to be downloaded and can be incorporated into the classroom. A type of music can resemble an emotion the students should be feeling at that time. For example, Classical and Contemporary music can resemble calm, soft, soothing and relaxing emotions, where as horror music is scary and edgy music (Incompetech, 2009). The type of music listened to in the classroom can have an impact upon the classroom environment and the students in that environment.

When I was searching for music to download on Incompetech, I found this beautiful song called Atlantean Twilight by Kevin MacLeod. It is a contemporary song and made me feel relaxed and care free. After I downloaded this song I was listening to it and it made me realise how the music made me feel and the impact it had on me. I then thought about how it could be used in the classroom. This type of music I chose can be used in the classroom as background music for silent reading, creating a calm environment when students walk into the room, background music throughout the day and can accompany PowerPoint presentations.

All of these are ideas I would use in my teaching practices, as Christina Laun (2008) said that music can help the brain to work and help to remember certain things. Therefore, I feel that music is a great tool to be used in the classroom, as it can assist with the learning outcomes to be achieved. By using this Royalty Free Music it is not breaching any copyright laws and can be used by Mentor teachers in the classroom.

- Natalie

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  1. Another very informative blog posting Natalie. You are a going to be an amazingly well informed and switched on Learning Manager to your students.

  2. Well thank you! I am just so excited to explore all of these technologies and be able to implement them in the classroom.