Wednesday, August 12, 2009

YouTube and TeacherTube

I have been using YouTube for many years now for research on a range of different topics. Now I have another resource to add which is TeacherTube. TeacherTube is linked with YouTube, however is a tool which can be used to download videos and is used for educational purposes.

When using TeacherTube it is a safe venue, where the videos are instructional and safe to use in the classroom. On TeacherTube the clip can be downloaded straight away by clicking the blue Download this video button (TeacherTube, 2009).

I have chosen this video as the students are currently rehearsing for their Showcase Performance at the end of the term. All the year 2 students have been learning about Patchwork of Memories and this will be their focus for their performance. The year 2 class I am currently in are doing Michael Jackson’s Thriller to resemble the rock era. To help students learn how to dance and act like Zombies I have found this Michael Jackson film clip to show the students. One of the boys in the class will be Michael Jackson and this clip will help him to learn how to move and dance. Only parts of the clip were shown to the students, it started at 5:25 and finished at 6:28 on the clip. I did not want to show the students the entire clip because it might scare them as they are only in year 2 and I only wanted to show them the dance and zombies moves.

I found it difficult to find a YouTube clip which allowed you to embed the clip. Finally I found one which allowed me to do so. I hope you enjoy watching the clip!

- Natalie

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  1. Hi Natalie,
    That dance performance sounds great and even the kids at my daycare are into Michael Jackson again. You-tube is great for finding almost anything to compliment what you are doing. That thriller clip is my favourite dance of all time.

  2. Hi Leonie,
    Yes it is a great film clip and it is like a mini movie. The students in my class are loving Michael Jackson at the moment too.