Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Google Earth

Well, I have just been on a trip around the world! You are probably wondering how I travelled the world so quickly. Well the truth is I didn’t leave the country or even my computer to do this. It was through using Google Earth. Google Earth a tool which can be downloaded to your computer and allows you to search different countries around the world via satellite images and maps.

Google Earth can be used for educational purposes in our classroom. These may include:
  • - Locating major cities: It will allow students to learn where they are located in that country and where the country is in the world
  • - Learning about Satellites and how they are used
  • - Travel through the ocean with Google Earth Ocean Floor. It includes quizzes about the ocean animals and images of animals located in that area of the ocean
  • - The Layers on Google Earth shows students geographical points including buildings and roads
  • - Learn about the stars, planets, solar systems and galaxy using Google Sky
  • - Maps can be printed out from Google Earth and used for Geography as a mapping tool
  • - Distance between Australia and other countries around the world. It can also show how far different states are away from where the students live. This is what I used in my class early in the term, as one of the students has gone to live is Scotland for a year. The students were unaware where Scotland was, so I showed them using Google Earth. I found this tool to be more effective then using a 2 Dimensional map.

When using Google Earth the activities can be altered according to the year level and ability of the students.

By allowing the students to use this tool hands on they will be actively involved in the learning taking place and this refers back to Dale’s Cone (ACU, 2000). If Learning Managers create these ‘Direct purposeful experiences’ (ACU, 2000) for our students they will be more beneficial and effective. This is where Google Earth can come into the classroom.

Well I must be off now. I am about to become an astronaut and explore the galaxy!

- Natalie

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  1. What a great blog astronaut and explorer Natalie. I have only just discovered the world of Google Earth and plan to use it as much as I can.

  2. Yes, well I only thought there was Google Earth. But you can explore the ocean and galaxy! It is a great resource