Monday, August 17, 2009

PowerPoint Quiz

When I first heard about PowerPoint Quizzes I was unsure about what they were. I did not know that you could have hyperlinks embedded into your presentation or turn your presentation into a quiz. After reading all about how to make a PowerPoint Quiz on the Internet4Classroom website (2000) I am now aware how to add these hyperlinks and modify where the mouse clicks were valid.

I have created a PowerPoint Quiz which has the same questions as the Classmaker quiz I designed earlier in my blog (refer to Classmaker Quiz blog). When students are completing this quiz they will be using their prior knowledge learnt during the lessons and using this knowledge in practice. In the PowerPoint I included bright colours and pictures to cater to learners in my class and make it engaging and inviting and not look like a ‘scary’ quiz they have to complete. Prensky (2005) discusses that if students are not engaged in the lesson, then instead of learning the information they will be frustrated and disruptive.

If I were to use online quizzes in the classroom, from my experience with this technology I would prefer to use Classmaker. This is because I find it easier to use, and the results can be tallied based upon the answers. Although by using PowerPoint it makes the quiz look more inviting, I am confused about how the learning manager will know which answers the students got right and wrong. If anyone knows the answer can they please let me know, it would be much appreciated.

This is a copy of my PowerPoint Quiz which I uploaded to MediaFire. Please have a look and share your thoughts. The images I included in this PowerPoint Quiz were found on the Flickr online photo sharing website.

- Natalie

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