Monday, August 17, 2009


After I uploaded my images and recorded an audio comment, the first words that came out of my mouth were WOW. This is such a great and easy to use tool which can be used for numerous activities in the classroom. In my previous blog about PowerPoint’s I commented that a PowerPoint was created for Mothers Day. This would be a great tool which can be used with the same idea. The students can record their comments about their mother to accompany their photo. This can also be used by students to show creative thinking (Johnson & Lamb, 2007). Students can create a new VoiceThread and show their peers their skills in different areas. VoiceThread is an interactive and easy to follow technology which is safe for students to use.
The advantages of VoiceThread as an educational tool are that, students can be commenting on the pictures on the VoiceThread in a variety of different ways. Also the tools can cater for all learners; Video doodling and images for the Visual learners, Audio comments for the Auditory learners and hands on and interactive learning for the Kinaesthetic learners which will allowing them to try the technology themselves (VoiceThread, 2007). This supports the theory of Connectivism (Siemens, 2005) as learning take places in a variety of ways. By using VoiceThread the Learning Manager can link activities together for continual learning practices where students will use them in the future (Siemens, 2005).

This is a quick VoiceThread I created, although I have not added any audio to the presentation. This is because when it is to be used in the classroom, I would allow the students to make Audio and Visual comments about each photo. The images uploaded to the VoiceTread include photos of where water can be found. The students will be commenting on what they think the water is used for, who uses the water and where it can be found.

I hope you all enjoy this technology as much as I have!

- Natalie

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  1. WOW! What an incrediblely powerful tool for the classroom. I am sure our students would love it as much as we do.
    Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Hello Rissa,
    I know! i cant wait till i can use it in the classroom :)